Dental Hygiene Therapy

dental hygiene victoria bc dentist

The maintenance of proper oral health and regular dental hygiene visits have far reaching medical benefits. In Victoria, where many people retire, more mature patients require increased frequency of visits to help maintain their teeth, but also to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes – along with a whole host of other medical conditions that have been linked to periodontal/gum disease.

The purpose of dental hygiene is to remove the biofilm of bacteria that build up over time beneath the gums and along the gumline where a heavy concentration of blood vessels exist – a direct route to the rest of your body.  These same bacteria will also result in inflammation that destroys the bone surrounding the teeth.  Unlike dental caries/cavities, which can usually be repaired by restorative dentistry, periodontal bone loss cannot generally be reversed.  Therefore, this is one of the main areas of prevention which we promote.

Our hygienist, Theresa received excellent clinical training at Camosun College right here in Victoria and previously had considerable experience in dentistry as both a receptionist and a certified dental assistant.  Not only will she make you comfortable and help you to achieve excellent oral health, but she can also provide advice on dental restorative procedures and cosmetic tooth whitening options.  Theresa can also discuss topical (not ingested) fluoride options that can help reduce risk of cavities.