Dental Surgery

Victoria BC dentist explaining dental surgery options to a patient

Dr. Adam Pite of the Oak Bay area of Victoria provides full oral surgery services including extraction of wisdom teeth and surgical placement of dental implants.  Having received post-graduate training at Vancouver General Hospital and the BC Cancer Agency, Dr. Pite has been asked to provide hospital services as one of three dentists in the Victoria area with operating room privileges for extensive surgery cases and to provide care to special needs patients.  In addition, Dr. Pite consults for the Vancouver Island BC Cancer Agency.

In his Oak Bay Dental Clinic, Dr. Pite, through his hospital training is able to provide Intravenous Conscious Sedation to patients to provide an easy, comfortable experience while undergoing surgical and non-surgical procedures.  The office provides full cardiac and vital signs monitoring during sedation.  For those with more complex medical histories, Dr. Pite will occasionally bring an anesthesiologist to the office.

Implant surgeries may include those for individual tooth replacement with an individual crown, or more complicated procedures involving full mouth restoration with crowns and bridges or implant-supported dentures.  Patients respond incredibly well to dental implants.  In fact, it can be completely life changing for those who have struggled with regular dentures.  Placement of dental implants is often much less invasive than even a simple extraction of a tooth.  Often, a dental implant can be inserted on the same appointment that a tooth is removed.

Dr. Pite can also provide other pre-prosthetic surgical procedures including management of the soft tissues with various periodontal surgical procedures or removal of bony bumps/tori that will inhibit proper denture adaptation and fit.

There are a number of interesting surgical procedures that can also be performed using a laser.  Dr. Pite has helped several patients with purple lesions or bumps on their lips through this method – both comfortably and with great aesthetic results.  For more information, see our laser dentistry page.

If you have any questions about a surgical procedure, please contact Dr. Pite’s office at 250-592-3013.