Sedation Dentistry

woman enjoying sedation dentistry in victoria bcCommon dental anxiety can pose a significant threat to good oral health by causing patients to hesitate or neglect to pursue dental treatment. Through the use of dental sedation techniques, Dr. Pite can help you overcome anxiety and comfortably receive the care that you need. With extensive training in a hospital setting, Dr. Pite provides sedation dentistry solutions at our Victoria dental office to address even the most challenging cases.

IV sedation

As the name suggests, intravenous (IV) sedation is administered intravenously, producing an almost immediate feeling of pronounced relaxation. Dr. Pite has received hospital training in IV sedation, and he has been administering it to patients for more than eight years. IV sedation delivers the most predictable results and helps you achieve a state of twilight sleep. In other words, you are deeply relaxed, but not quite asleep. After treatment, patients rarely have any memory of their experience. You should plan to have a friend or loved one drive you home following treatment.

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